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  • 99.34.123456.12345678
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    The "Monitoring" function allows you to subscribe to free notifications of status changes for the consignment number entered. All of the domestic consignments listed below can be monitored. You can also monitor consignments which have not yet been handed over to Swiss Post. Please ensure that the consignment number is entered correctly. The following numbers can be monitored (always 18 digits and numbers only):<br>- 99.00.123456.12345678 (parcels&comma; Swiss-Express)<br>- 98.00.123456.12345678 (letters with barcode)<br>- 91.01.1234.5612.34.5678 (pallets)
    No consignment found

    Monitor consignment

Unfortunately your search was unsuccessful. The causes of this could be:
- Consignment has not yet been handed over to Swiss Post or scanned.
- Shipping dates back more than 180 days (public search) or 360 days (search for logged-in business customers with a billing relationship)
- Typing error in the number
- Incorrect format for consignment number (see "Frequently Asked Questions" link)

Please check your details and/or try again in a few hours.
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International consignments can also be tracked via our partners:
- TNT Swiss Post SA, leading provider of international courier and express services
- Swiss Post GLS, transport specialist for business-to-business goods shipments

For import consignments, the enquiry must be initiated by the sender abroad via his or her postal company. Please contact the sender to ensure that he or she requests the enquiry.